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Experience the upcoming lightning-fast internet speeds with Maverix Broadband in Franktown, CO. Say goodbye to internet uncertainties and remain seamlessly connected. Maverix Broadband presents unmatched speed and reliability, soon to be available at the heart of Franktown.

As a rapidly growing hub for remote work, Franktown is set to receive an empowering fiber internet expansion, guaranteeing unwavering connectivity no matter where your endeavors take you.

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Maverix Broadband will soon be offering custom-tailored solutions to meet the unique internet needs of households of all sizes.
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Franktown, CO

Unlock the Internet Experience Tailored to You, with Blazing Fast Speeds!



I was one of their very first customers. So I've had the service for over two years now. And I can say I am extremely pleased with everything from the speed, reliability, and consistency of service to the excellent customer service. You'd be foolish to not use Maverix if it's available in your area.
Vicky E.
Where we live there weren't any options for decent high speed internet access. We had tried many of them, but they all fell short, were extremely expensive for what was being provided and unreliable. Maverix has solved all of this issues providing true high speed internet at a reasonable price. The install process was simple being completed in a few separate stages. Once completed though, the service has been excellent!
Stuart N.
Maverix Broadband has been incredible! My entire household can do literally anything they want and won't bother one another like we used to on CenturyLink. The installation was fast, and we were up and running within the hour. Working from home on the 1g speed has been glorious and without issue. Seriously, I can't thank you all enough for taking the initiative to running actual high speed internet out here.
Kristen P.
Amazing service, VERY knowledgeable staff, Support team is fantastic! Every person that I have spoken with in the field knows their stuff, Maverix is hiring very bright folks, appreciate them speaking 'nerd' with me, it's not some kid who spent an hour 'training'. These guys know what they are doing! Support team- simply spectacular! They are responsive and have never once disappointed! Amazing team!
Very prompt, courteous service. Experiencing the actual speeds promised, but with the benefit of higher upload bandwidth, which is important when working from home. I highly recommend Maverix Broadband to anyone within reach.
B Mac
Well worth the wait! Excellent speeds at a reasonable price. Highly recommend.
Doug H.
I can't say enough good. I never thought I would have real high speed internet at my house. I highly recommend them.
Dale R.

Fast Franktown Facts

The average internet speed in Franktown, CO is 19 Mbps

The Town of Franktown has a 2020 population of approximately 215 people.

The median home price in Franktown is $1.6mm

Franktown has a total area of 3.0 square miles