A Community Need

Broadband internet access is a vital community resource that opens doors and encourages economic growth. Elbert County's high growth rate and the current COVID-19 pandemic have overburdened area infrastructure while existing carriers have refused to update or expand their offerings.

With support of dozens of local homeowners and interest from community HOAs, we have built miles of high-capacity fiber optics to support enterprise-grade connections into the area. We are now able to provide the fastest connections possible to home and businesses near our fiber paths at the same price others are offering only a fraction of our speeds and network performance.

The Maverix Team

We've assembled a diverse team of industry experts to build and secure our network. Our team is experienced in starting, managing, and marketing both retail and online businesses. We are excited to put our technology and business skills to use to help improve our community and grow a top-quality network.

Service Areas

We are constantly evaluating new locations around Elbert County and will work with HOAs, local governments, or groups of interested homeowners to expand our ultra-fast network into more areas.

More Information

We're always excited to hear from a neighbor and look forward to earning your business.

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